Friday, October 30, 2009

An unwelcome visitor

The dogs woke me up at 3 am barking at something outside - nothing unusual about that. Animals pass by our place all the time so I'm used to it. It wasnt until I heard some strange noises that I got up to see what was going on. There on our front deck was a bear standing on his hind legs (all 7+ foot of him!). It has been below freezing with snow on the ground for a few weeks now so they should be safely hibernating but obviously this bear had not read about that. I withdrew to the bedroom taking the dogs with me in case they got him angry but then I heard noises like he was trying to get in. "Oh no you dont!" I thought & out I came, picked up 2 metal dog bowls & bashed them together as loud as I could. Mr Bear shot off over the side of the deck (10 foot drop) & headed off into the dark.  10 minutes later he's at the back of the house sitting on the hot tub!  I got the airhorn out that we keep for just such occasions, opened the window behind him & blasted him. That did the trick - this time he took off running & didnt look back.
I have to give credit to my dogs. Timba & Moose were right by my side ready to go into action (Jazz & 'Laska right behind me, lol) &  they certainly gave me a lot more courage than I would have had if I'd been alone.
When Nick got home all he was bothered about was that he missed the action & that I hadnt taken any photos! He sat up the next night armed with bear spray & a camera but our new friend hasnt returned. Dont think he wants to tackle me & the Pack again.....  

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